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Thanking God for Forgiveness

There was a time in my life where every time that I got hurt from someone, I would completely guard myself and shut the entire world down not giving a care to who or who didn't love or care about me. Yeah, I know the Lord speaks of forgiving and loving your enemies and doing good by them but what about me? What about the many tears that I cried night after night? How about those lonely nights that I couldn't sleep or eat because I gave so much energy to them and the situation they put me in? Well I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. Just as time heals all wounds, there's still time for you to learn forgiveness of everything that has been done to you. Remember that forgiveness is for YOU and NOT those that hurt you. You can keep yourself locked and bound by what was done to you or you can be free and speak it in the atmosphere that YOU WILL BE HEALED! I thank the Lord for forgiving me every time I sinned and didn't ask to be forgiven yet He still loved me enough to wash my sins away and erase the pain, heartache and sorrow. Forgiveness begins with you when you go to the secret place through prayer and find Him ready to listen to every word you have to say. He's waiting for you and waiting on you to make the first move. When you make that move, watch God move. Thank you Lord for FORGIVENESS!

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