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God Is Always There

Have you ever wondered when you've prayed and cried and fasted for so long and God doesn't answer you? Could it be that He's too busy to answer you or maybe it's because we just gave up because of the silence?  Just remember that when the Lord is silent, it doesn't mean that He hasn't or won't answer. He is a God that we cannot rush. His timing is not our timing. His ways are not our ways. Just remember when we are praying to the Lord, give ADORATION unto Him but the second part is CONFESSION of ALL sin. The Bible speaks of our prayers being hindered and not heard when we have iniquity in our hearts (Psalm 66:18). Give THANKS to the Lord even when you haven't got the answer. Our God is always there and He will never leave you. Be patient in the wait. He is always listening and watching.  

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